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Snow , Snow and more Snow! First off I want to thank all of our patients who have bared the cold and snow to keep their appointments and also say sorry to those whose appointments we might have had to cancel. Hopefully the snow is done for the year and we can move onto spring.

Despite the challenges of weather 2014 has been a busy year already. We have numerous community outreach projects ongoing , the one we are currently working on is a Health and Wellness expo at the Northshore Mall to take place on March 8th. We also will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony on March 19th at 4:30 pm to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary at our location. Thank you to all who volunteer to make these events happen. In April we will be looking for volunteers to help with the Walk Like MADD.

We also want to congratulate Cintia DeOliveira on being the first Employee of the Month! Great job. You have a great calming sense about and patients realize that and helping them be at ease shows with your effort to provide care and comfort. Great Job!

Happy Birthday to Peg Strauss, Nicole O’Leary and Cintia DeOliveira who celebrated a birthday in January. Greta Buzzell celebrates in February. Congrats and hope you have a special day.