Great Hill Dental Partners Welcomes Dr. Julie Hantson

 In Great Hill Dental Peabody News

We are pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Julie Hantson to our family here at Great Hill Dental Partners!

Dr. Hantson comes to us from Nova Southeastern University, where she received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine and completed her pediatric dentistry residency. Prior to that, she received her Bachelor’s of Science degree from McGill University. Dr. Hantson will be taking over the care of Dr. Van’s patients. We know she will continue to offer the highest level of care our patients deserve and expect. We wish Dr. Van success in his new opportunities and thank him for his time with us!

Special Words from Dr. Julie Hantson:
A child’s experience at the dental office influences their dental health for a lifetime. I strive to create a fun, comfortable environment where the children enjoy coming to see us. Positive experiences helps families feel comfortable in a dental office and understand the importance dental health has on their overall quality of life. I am passionate about treating and educating families to positively impact their children’s health. Proper growth and development of the jaws and teeth greatly affects dental hygiene, self-esteem, breathing and speech. Many adults with recurrent dental problems are a result of not having interceptive treatment as a child.