Fun and Exciting Events at Great Hill Dental Peabody Office

 In Great Hill Dental Peabody News

Spring is here and of course it is snowing!!! As we do our spring cleaning there are many fun and exciting things happening here at Great Hill Dental. We are still getting prepared for the new OSHA regulations and a big thanks to one of our assistants, Caryn, for getting everything together so that we are compliant with the state’s new rules. In other news, Dr. Hickin enjoyed a nice vacation in Iceland earlier this month! Dr. Scialabba is expected to be back and ready to save some teeth at the end of the month orin early April. Much thanks to Dr. Lee, who has been caring for Dr.Scialabba’s patients while he recovers.

We are in the process of adding an oral surgeon to our family and will soon be able to take care of those impacted wizzies (wisdom teeth) without having to send patients to a different office! Great Hill Dental was a success at the 12th Annual Health & Wellness Expo on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at the Northshore Mall in Peabody!!! We met lots of local vendors and businesses and were able to offer out services to many new patients. Congratulations to Evelyn and Lisa, who won our raffle for a brand new adult and child Sonicare electric toothbrush! We promise that you will never look at you manual toothbrush the same way again…

We want to wish a happy birthday to Bertie, one of our most valued assistants! Bertie has been an employee of Great Hill Dental since our opening in 2011 and prior to that, she had been a dedicated employee of Harvard Vanguard Dental (our predecessor company) since 1987!!! We also want to congratulate our hygienist, Greta and her husband, Mike, who announced that they are expecting their first child this August! Greta will be taking a leave of absence in mid- August and will be ready for some teeth cleaning action in early November! Greta will also no longer be working on Fridays, however will be available for re-care appointments Monday through Thursday. A great big congratulation goes out to our hygienist, Kala, who was awarded our February Employee of the Month! Kala is a team player who whole-heartedly loves her patients. Kala is always striving to spread smiles and make each day a positive one!