Do I REALLY Need X-rays Today?

 In Great Hill Dental Peabody News

​It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard that question before at Great Hill Dental!  Recent articles have dental professionals on the defense when it comes to x-rays. Please trust us when we say, it is not in our interest to over-radiate you, make you gag, or make an extra dollar.

At Great Hill Dental, we hold each of our patients the utmost standard of comprehensive care, always keeping in mind that every mouth is unique and requires different attention. So, our answer to this popular question is: let’s let your mouth help us determine what is needed. We require a full set of x-rays called an FMX with each new patient we treat. An FMX consists of 18-20 individual x-rays of the front and back teeth. Within reason, we require 4 bitewing x-rays of the back teeth once a year at your recare visit.

Without x-ray vision, dentists and dental hygienists cannot confidently diagnose your oral health or lack thereof. A similar situation would be a doctor failing to diagnose chronically high blood pressure could lead to more serious heart problems. The same concept applies to the oral cavity because often dental infection does not present itself until it hurts or is too late. A dental professional would be negligent to dismiss your initial or routine x-rays without taking into consideration your medical history, what they see clinically, symptoms you may be experiencing, and your past dental history. Such may even warrant more frequent x-rays. After weighing these factors, our dentists may agree to postpone routine x-rays.

​Often times, patients request to pass on x-rays because they are concerned about being exposed to too much radiation. We understand this concern and make it a point to always educate our patients about what we know.  After all, each of our clinicians has been certified in dental radiology. We also take every precaution possible to ensure that you are receiving the lowest possible dose of radiation. Our use of digital technology and the NOMAD Portable X-Ray System minimizes patient exposure significantly compared to outdated conventional film. Such ensures the safety for our clinicians as well.

Studies reveal that this new technology poses no more risk to them while they remain in the treatment room, unprotected. Plus, it makes the process much more comfortable for both parties! Please refer to the following report for more information regarding the Nomad Portable X-Ray System:  

​At Great Hill Dental, we genuinely care for our patients. As medical professionals, we vow to do no harm. If you feel uncomfortable about taking x-rays, we encourage you to speak up so that we can discuss with you the risks versus benefits when it comes to your oral and overall health.