April – The National Facial Protection Month

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Every April, National Facial Protection Month strives to raise public awareness and remind parents or caregivers, coaches and athletes to play it safe while playing sports. Protective equipment such as a helmet and eyewear are essential for protecting the head and face against injury. When it comes to protecting your smile, a mouth guard stands as the first line of defense.

Mouth Guard or Sports Guard

A mouth guard or sports guard is an oral appliance that cushions and shields the teeth from trauma.  It helps to prevent broken teeth and minimizes injury to the lips and tongue.  A custom fit sports guard is made by your dentist.  It provides optimal protection as well as the most comfortable and precise fit.  The fabrication of a custom sports guard usually takes two dental visits.  Your dentist will first take impressions of your teeth in order to make exact models of them.  The appliance will be fabricated with those models and will be delivered to you at the second visit. Call Great Hill Dental/Peabody location at 978-717-5819 for a custom sports guard today!

If a custom fit sports guard is not for you, your local sporting goods or drug store will likely carry a sports guard that may fit your needs.  Most often these require boiling in water, which softens the plastic before the athlete is required to bite into it, creating a custom-like mold.  Stock mouth guards do not require boiling; however they tend to be the most bulky.

Facial injuries are no joke!  Play safe and WEAR YOUR SPORTS GUARD!

For additional information please click here: http://www.academyforsportsdentistry.org/facial-protection-month